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The placenta has very advanced beauty effects, such as the whitening of skin or the reduction of wrinkles. Therefore, the placenta is popular as a cosmetic ingredient, and is also used as an active ingredient in pharmaceutical cosmetics for whitening. The placenta is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the living body, and it has functions to add moisture to the skin, adjust texture, normalize turnovers and maintain healthy skin. Also it can be used for sensitive skin. In addition, other than commercial cosmetics, the placenta is often used for original products of beauty clinics or aesthetic salons.

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JBP USA is the authorized distributor for Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. (JBP Global). We are the importer of Laennec placenta ampoules into the United States. Established in Japan in 1954, JBP Global is the world's leader in placental extracts to promote health. To order, call us at 831-419-1088 or email us at FREE SHIPPING on all cosmetics and supplement orders!