We pride ourselves on fast and safe shipping of your products.  We will provide you your shipping and tracking information as soon as we receive it from our shipper.  Your US deliveries are guaranteed to reach your address.  We are not responsible for misplaced or stolen products after deliveries have been verified by the shipper.   

As we are JBP USA, we can only guarantee deliveries to US addresses.  We accept international (non-US) orders to countries not serviced by one of our affiliate JBP representatives.  For a list of non-US JBP Worldwide distributors within the JBP Global Network, please http://jbpglobal.placenta.co.jp/about/#ttl-globalNetwork.

When shipping internationally, we are not familiar with the shipping services and customs requirements of every country.  We do not insure international orders.  In the case of international orders, we guarantee that your order will be delivered to the port of entry of your continent.  Once your shipment has left the US and reached the port of entry, the successful shipment of your order is your responsibility.  We do not guarantee lost or misdirected international shipments as we are not able to adequately track your package.  Should customs or other government officials impose import taxes on your order, you are responsible to pay the import taxes.  Should customs delay, return or confiscate your shipment, you will be responsible for the communication to the necessary entities to insure the successful delivery of your order. We do not refund shipping or purchase costs on lost international or confiscated orders. 

Again, we recommend non-US customers visit:  http://jbpglobal.placenta.co.jp/about/#ttl-globalNetwork to find a JBP representative in your home country. 

Thank you for your understanding.