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Exfoliate your face and regenerate pure baby skin.

JBP's special formula soap is very effective at smoothing rough, dry and acne skin with a daily cleansing regime.  The active ingredient of glycolic acid and JBP Placental Extract gently exfoliate the skin and aid in healing and moisturizing.

Glycolic acid works to exfoliate the keratin in your skin and helps skin to regenerate softer and smoother than before. The amino acids in JBP Placental Extract adds moisture to your skin and stimulates skin metabolism. You can choose from two types depending on your skin conditions.

You can choose from two concentrations of glycolic acid, depending upon your particular skin:
1.  Mana Soap MD5 with 5% of glycolic acid exfoliates your face gently. 2.  Mana Soap MD10 with 10% glycolic acid exfoliates and prevents skin roughness and acne.
Mana Soap is additive-free, and is a natural and handmade soap to maximize the healing power of nature.