Placenta Injection

What are the uses of placental extracts?

There are many uses for placenta extracts. From liver support, to menopause, and other health and cosmetic benefits.

What is Laennec placenta?

Laennec is a high molecular weight, injectable form of placental extract, and is sold in 50 ampoule x 2ml boxes. Laennec is the world's most respected form of injectable placental extract, for potency and purity.

What are the benefits of placenta pills?

The same benefits as placental injection in a lower potency, and without the need for injections.

Do placenta pills go bad?

Placenta capsules have a 3-year expiration from the date of manufacture.  The don't go bad, but they slowly lose potency over time after the expiration date.  The can be refrigerated to maintain their potency indefinitely. 

What does placenta do for your skin?

Placental cosmetics, injections and supplements have a positive effect the skin's health and appearance, including increased elasticity, smoothing of coloration, reduced wrinkles and other positive effects.

How do I place my order?

You can place your order directly from our website. To order Laennec, Curacen and Curacen Essence, please contact JBP USA directly a or call 831-419-1088.

Placental Supplements

What can the placental extract be used for?

Placental extract products improve cellular function, and therefore improvement in organ and system function. From physical performance, to sleep and well-being, to skin health and appearance, placental extracts have a myriad of positive benefits.

How should I store my placenta capsules?

Placental capsules may be stored at room temperature, in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not necessary unless kept after the expiration date.

How long should I take my placenta capsules for?

Placental capsules are meant to be taken on an ongoing, daily basis, 2 to 6 capsules per day.

Can my family members take my placenta capsules too?

Placental capsules are a healthy source of 18 amino acids and can be taken by every member of the family.

Placental Cosmetics

Where does the placental extract come from?

Most placentas are disposed of after childbirth. In the case of JBP placental extract, the placenta of healthy mothers are collected, tested rigorously for any infections and imperfections and if they pass JBP's strict quality control guidelines, are refined into placental extract. Visit for more information on testing and screening of placental material

Is placenta harmful to the skin?

There are no harmful effects from the use of placental cosmetics on the skin. In rare instances, some immune sensitive people may have an allergic reaction to the products, and should discontinue their use.

Can placental extract cause allergic reactions?

In some rare instance, 0.37% (3.7 out of 1000), may have a slight rash at the site of use and should consult their physician.